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You're a freelance UX designer. You've been hired by a small company that has a mobile app for person-to-person payments (competitors are Venmo and Zelle).

The company has hired you to completely redesign their onboarding because neither they nor their users are happy with the current version. They need the onboarding to include at least: (a) setting up an account, (b) accepting permissions, (c) connecting and verifying a bank account, (d) adding friends from your phone's contact list, and (e) understanding fees.


Come up with an onboarding plan for this mobile app. This can be whatever type of onboarding you choose: a series of tasks, instructional tooltips, gradual introduction of each feature as the user finds it, etc. Create wireframes for each stage and include notes on the reasoning behind your decisions.

Extra Credit: Describe the metrics you'd use to figure out if your onboarding is successful.


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