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You are a UX designer for a large car rental corporation.

Usability tests and analytics have indicated that users are having a hard time navigating around the website. You are tasked with taking a fresh look at the navigation plan and general structure of the website.


Gather content and pages from a real car rental company's website to get ideas for what is on a site like this. Examples include budget.com, thrifty.com, enterprise.com, avis.com, and hertz.com.

Build a sitemap for your fictional employer's website. You may want to use other skills like card sorting or tree testing to complete this challenge.

Extra Credit: Turn the sitemap into a more detailed IA diagram or plan. You can include things like:

  • Plans for search
  • Common user flows between pages in the sitemap
  • Content categories
  • A wireframe of what the site's main navigation looks like


If you need help with this challenge, check out our hand-picked tutorial recommendations.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Information Architecture


A Beginner’s Guide To Information Architecture



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