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Empathy Map Empathy Map


You're a UX designer for a video call company (Zoom is a competitor). You're the only designer on a small team.

You and your team have vague, general ideas about who uses your app, but haven't done any real research or gotten into specifics. You need something that will help everyone have a more accurate and empathetic understanding of your users. You want to visualize user attitudes and behaviors, and then have a way to present your findings to your teammates.


Choose a specific type of person with a particular reason for using a video calling app. Examples include a young person who wants to keep in touch with their extended family, a salesman who needs to meet with clients, or a remote worker who needs to chat with their teammates. Make an empathy map for the type of user you've selected.

You will want to conduct research to inform your empathy map, like interviews, diary studies, or surveys.

Extra Credit: Create an additional empathy map for another type of user for the same app.


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What is an Empathy Map?



Not sure which tools to use? Try one of these.







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