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    "I appreciate your work for the design community. You are doing a great job."
    "So excited to be a part of the UX Tools community! I recently got introduced to that fantastic culture you've created through a coworker of mine … Thank you again for building such a useful resource! I've shared it broadly with my team and can't wait to see how it continues growing."
    "I am currently working on re-designing a client's website. Thank you for taking the time to post all this information. It has been super helpful so far."
    "Love keeping up with the latest in UX. Your survey and resources are top notch!"
    "One of my teachers recommended your website and I love it! I'll be graduating from college in September and I want to be a good UX designer soon 😊"
    "Thanks for creating this platform for people like me who want to learn. Looking forward to upskilling myself through you guys."