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May 9, 2007
By Ernie Knoll

In my dream, Becky and I, with others I did and did not recognize standing behind me, are facing about a dozen men in black robes sitting high up on a bench. Behind them on a wall are the words, “THE GREAT COUNCIL OF ELDERS.” The words are in large block white letters with black on the sides and are pounded into the wall with large nails.


I ask the elders if we can all kneel and pray before we begin. One of the elders says they have already prayed and that their prayers are all that is needed. I tell them I am going to pray anyway. It is a short prayer. I ask that God give me strength and that my words will be His words. I say that He had told me if we need angels that all we have to do is ask and He will send them. I ask for several legions of God’s angels because I know we need them. Before I can say ‘amen,’ one of the elders says, “That is enough.” He demands to know who I think I am and who we think we are and on whose authority we come. And he keeps asking, “Who are you?” Another elder questions, “On whose authority do you go to our churches?” Another asks, “On whose authority do you spread these ‘said’ dreams?” Another one asks, “On whose authority do you witness to our people?” And again another asks, “On whose authority do you prophesy?” And another: “Do you understand the penalty for spreading these lies?” Several of the other elders just sit there and scoff, “Ha, dreams!” A few just look at each other and down at us.


Becky stands on my left side next to me. I turn to look at the large group that stands behind me. I notice that several have aprons on with tools in their pockets. I see that Sister J stands to my right side but a little behind me. Her apron is white with silver and gold trim on all of the edges. She holds a clipboard with a gold pencil. In her pockets are many papers.


Standing close behind Becky and me are Sister E, Brother B, and Anonymous. They wear pure white. Behind them stand Brother J, Brother M, and Brother D with their wives. They wear white aprons with silver borders on the edges. I notice that Brother M has many tools in his pockets, but he also has different maps and bright gold highlighters. I remember thinking that although I have never met Brother D, but only talked with him on the phone, I know it is him that I see. I also see Brother and Sister M with large wings of white light on their back and they each hold a megaphone. I recognize Brother W and with him are several others I do not know.


On the far left side facing the elders stands Pastor B. He wears a black suit with a bright white shirt and white necktie. Next to him is Brother S who wears a pure silver apron. It also has many pockets. In his arms are many scrolls. He also holds a glass covered pure gold telephone.


As I look to the left, there suddenly appears an angel who walks through the wall at a very high speed and comes to a quick halt. Then I see another one, then another one, another one, another one, and more, and more, and more. I cannot see the walls and ceiling anymore since there is nothing but angels as far as I can see. There are an innumerable number of angels.


Now the mass assembly of angels parts. I see Jesus, the Great Judge, pass in their midst. He comes and stands right before me. With Him is a large entourage of angels that hold large pitchers, many angels that hold different capes, many with armor on, and many other angels that come with Him. One of the angels walks up to Jesus and places a long purple cape over Him. Jesus now turns toward the elders, points to all of us and says, “These are they.”


I look up at the elders and notice that many have their appearance change into an evil-looking creature. These get up and run away. Of those elders that remain, several cast off their black robes and prostrate themselves at the feet of Jesus and begin crying. The rest kneel and worship Him.


Jesus now turns and calls for the angels holding pitchers. There appears a large group of angels standing in a square and holding pitchers. Jesus walks over and places His hands into one of the pitchers then rubs His hands together. He goes quickly to Brother and Sister M, places His hands on their head and says, “Go and JUST tell them to REPENT. If they do not hear or do not want to hear, continue on and tarry not as there is no time.” He then commands for many angels that excel in speed. “Go and assist them and hurry as there is no time left.” I watch as Brother and Sister M, with many, many, many angels shoot upwards as if an arrow made of high speed light.


Jesus puts His hands back into one of the pitchers and proceeds to place His hands on the head of Brother J, Brother M, Brother D, and their wives. He does this to many others I do not recognize. I cannot hear all that is said. I do hear that it is necessary to spread His message to His people. He then commands for another group of angels to work beside them.


Next Jesus puts His hands back into a pitcher and goes to Sister J where He touches her on the head. He says to serve the last group in all their needs but to keep them according to the things written on the clipboard. I cannot see what is on the clipboard. He assigns several angels to stay with her. One is an angel that excels in speed, another that excels in wisdom and two armored angels that hold shields and spears.


Putting His hands back into one of the pitchers, Jesus goes to Sister E, Brother B and Anonymous and says, “You are to give guidance, counsel, and direction as needed.” He places a golden sash around the neck of Sister E and Brother B.


Placing both hands into the pitcher again, Jesus turns to Anonymous and places His hands on this person’s head. He then says, “Great is the faith of one who commands that a mustard seed will become a mountain.” Then He places a kiss on each cheek and wraps a pure white cape trimmed with gold and silver around this person. He assigns angels of comfort, angels of wisdom, and angels with armor to these three.


After returning to a pitcher, Jesus goes to Brother S where He places His hand on his head and while holding it there He says, “You have the information that is needed and a way to communicate.” He points to all of us and shows Brother S that “These are they.” He then commands an angel to place a white cape with silver trim over his shoulders and adds a pure gold sash around his neck.


Once again Jesus puts His hands into a pitcher and now turns to Becky and me and places His hands on each of our heads. He commands an angel to place one large blue cape with gold and silver trim on all the edges over both of us. He says, “Go and share the things I have shown you in your dreams. Do not worry about those that place themselves mightier than you. I am the Creator of all. Go and share the dreams. Prepare My people. Tell them I am coming. I said ‘I go to prepare a place for you.’ Tell them I have a place ready for them. Get ready as I am coming to take you back with me. You have the full support of all that I have called and are assembled here.”


Jesus returns to the group of angels holding pitchers and reaches His arms as deep as He can into each of two pitchers. He then walks to Pastor B where he rubs him from his head to his feet. He then commands the cape-bearing angels to place a cape over him. It reaches to the floor and is a bright white with gold and silver trim. There are many jewels along the trim that glisten. Jesus now places around Pastor B’s neck a pure gold sash inlaid with many other jewels that glisten. As He stretches out His left arm and places His right arm around Pastor B, He says, “These are they.” While His arm is outstretched, I see streams of bright white light protruding up from the scar in his left hand.


Jesus now addresses the angels with the pitchers to go and pour forth His Spirit. He commands the armored angels to go and protect these who are they. He then commands a large group of battle angels who form into a massive square to go forth and do His bidding. He says to all assembled to go forth as He has commanded.