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April 28, 2007
by Ernie Knoll

(A Dream of Affirmation and Encouragement)

In my dream, I am walking through a long large corridor. I hear the sound of horse hooves behind me. I turn to see an angel riding on a beautiful galloping white horse. Its mane and tail flow as if in an ocean current.


I wave to the angel as he approaches. His hair is white and brushed back. His face is round but kind of long and as he talks and smiles he has dimples. He stops and I ask if my wife and I are correct in the way we are sharing the dreams. The angel responds that we are to continue sharing the dreams in the manner that we have been, especially in sharing the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.


When I inquire if Jesus is upset with how we share the dreams, the angel jumps off the horse from the left side and comes around to the right side of the horse where I stand. He touches my left shoulder and says my heavenly name--the same name from my other dreams, which I do not recall after the dreams. The angel states that Jesus and the Father are very well pleased with how we share the dreams. If there is something wrong He will tell me and to remember not to get caught up in the trivial things and not to worry about those we share with that have doubt or cause discontent. God will take care of them in His own way.


The angel smiles again and says that God is with us in all we do. We have nothing to fear as He is mightier than the enemy who hates us. He says our road ahead will be filled with many holding “spears and arrows” but not to worry as we have the shield of Christ about us. The enemy will work on many as we continue on but God will be triumphant.


The angel gets back on the white horse and turns around to return the way he had come. Before he rides away, he says “Continue on and know that Jesus is coming and He is with you until the end.”