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June 25, 2015
By Ernie Knoll


In my dream, I am sitting and looking out over a flowing river. I notice it is dirty and filled with floating garbage, old tires, and other things. I think of the huge contrast of how God created things pure and holy, according to His will, and how we have polluted and destroyed them due to our choices and not following His directions.1


Next I hear someone talking from a distance. I look over my right shoulder and see two forms walking toward me. I stand up and they are now right in front of me. It is Jesus and the Herald. Jesus calls me by my heavenly name and says, “Messenger, I have come, as it is time that you receive a message. This is a message of timely importance. The information I now give you must be prepared and given to My people immediately. Much of what I will share you have already received in other messages.”


Jesus turns to the Herald and commands, “Call them now.” The Herald looks up and instantly I see the sky roll apart and many angels descend. They are holding scrolls and glass tablets. They quickly descend, touch the ground, and fill in the area behind Jesus and the Herald. Jesus turns to me again and says, “They will guide you as you prepare what you are to write.” He points to one of the angels who approaches the side of Jesus. Jesus tells him that I am to quickly prepare and share this message. He tells the angel to stand by my side until the message is completed.


Next Jesus turns back to me and says, “Messages given to you before have always been given in a dream. This time, this angel will stand next to you while you are awake. He will instruct you regarding the preparation of what I tell you now.”


At this point, Jesus takes my hands and says, “What I tell you now is because time is short. Understand that those who make laws are discussing whether to allow marriage between two men, as well as between two women. This goes against what I created and set forth in the garden of Eden. I never instituted such a plan. I created Adam and Eve, a man and a woman. With this union, I created a plan of leadership, and even this plan is trampled upon. Days from now, the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists will decide to have women ordained as pastors. This decision goes hand in hand with the decision to trample on the union of marriage between a man and a woman. This is not the institution I set forth when I laid the foundations of this earth.”


Jesus continues by saying, “It has been said that man cannot live by bread alone; he must have the meat as well. This is not the meat that contains blood; it is not the meat of the honeycomb, but the meat which flows from God’s throne in My recorded words, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Instead of living on bread and meat from God, many live on the desserts of emerging words, which are nothing more than zero nutrients and calorie-filled desserts, like the whipped-cream-filled doughnut that is soft to the touch, fragrant to the nose, delicious to the tongue, but totally worthless. The message you receive now is of great value, but many will spit it from their lips, because it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. I tell you this: Those who do not savor My words will chew off their own tongues and their mouths will be as fire.


“I give you this message now, before the decision to ordain women is voted upon at the council which begins on the 2nd of July 2015. This message is given so that when the votes are counted and the way is set clear so that women can serve as pastors, Our Father will be justified in His decision to follow through with the message you were already given in the dream called, ‘Final Events and the First Supper.’ In that dream, the Father called for the destruction spoken of in Ezekiel 9.”


Jesus calls for the angel, takes him by the hand, and brings him to stand at my right side. Then Jesus explains to him, “This is My messenger. You are to take your place beside him and make yourself clearly seen while this message is prepared. Dictate it to him and correct him while the message is prepared.”


Then Jesus comes to me, takes my hands and says, “Messenger, write these words, as this is the message that the angel will record and recite while you prepare it. The words will not be your words, but My words. Messenger, write what I now instruct for you.”


Jesus continues: “What I tell you now is a message of instruction and warning. It is a message given in clarity that will allow for no gray areas or confusing ideas. It is clear and straightforward, even for those who cannot think clearly. Let us begin with what I instructed Paul to write, as recorded in Ephesians 5:22-24. I will explain what he wrote in a simple and straightforward way.”


Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church…. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.  Ephesians 5:22-24.


“What did Paul mean when he made these statements about husbands and wives and Me and My church? What does submit mean? According to the dictionary, the prefix ‘sub-’ in the word ‘submit’ means under or below, as in submarine or subcontractor. The ‘-mit’ part means to place or put. So, to ‘submit’ is to place underneath; to yield, accepting a place that is under the authority of another.


“Submission requires humility, which means to be meek, acknowledging that others may have more talents or a higher position. As the opposite of pride, it excludes inflated opinions of your own worth. It is important to note that humility is a quality highly prized in My eyes.2, 3


“To the humble I will entrust the Loud Cry, My last merciful message to the world. However, in order to be given that privilege, My church—My bride—must understand and accept My conditions. One of them is that she must submit to Me, as I AM the Lord and Husband of the church. Just as I told My disciples, ‘If ye love Me, keep My commandments,’ My bride is to do what I ask, when I ask it, and in the way I ask.4


“A disregard for one command opens a breach that easily widens, resulting in a general lack of reverence and respect toward Me and My law. Just as many women have refused to accept what Paul wrote and the Spirit of Prophecy confirms, the church has resisted obeying My instructions in various areas, and this has brought about widespread apostasy.5, 6


“In his letter to the Colossians, I told Paul to write: ‘Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering’ (Colossians 3:12). To ‘put on’ refers to a change in attitude that accepts the Holy Spirit’s promptings. Thus, My followers are to have a humble, meek attitude. This is in direct contrast with the mindset that wants to be in control, doing what it wants. It is also important to understand that the command to submit does not give a husband license to become a dictator. It is quite the contrary. I used the relationship of a husband to his wife to illustrate how I tenderly care for and nurture My church.7, 8


“The seven churches that John wrote about in Revelation symbolize My bride during various periods of history. The churches also represent the variety of circumstances and personalities that describe My people. As married to Me, each of the seven churches—My Church—has been asked to love, respect, and obey Me.


“Sadly, throughout history, My church has been disobeying Me and causing Me a lot of pain. I have said to My people, ‘If ye love Me, keep My commandments.’ In other words, ‘If you really love Me and want to be My wife, show it by respecting and obeying Me, by doing what I ask you to do.’


“In heaven there will be no disobedience, because heavenly love is based on obedience. As part of your preparation for heaven, you must learn to love, obey, and reverence Me. Reverence means fear mingled with respect and affection.9


“Obedience includes setting aside your will, what you want to do, and do what you are asked to do. It also means to follow through with something you may have been opposed to doing, to carry out something you may dislike or feel uneasy about. It also means to be satisfied with My decisions, not against or unhappy with them. It means to submit.


“Submission encompasses surrender of your will and yielding without complaining, harboring doubts or delaying obedience, even though you may not understand or like what I ask of you. It also means asking for help and strength to follow through with whatever I command.


“True obedience may require that you endure embarrassment, privation, pain, suffering, and even death. However, I have promised wonderful, heavenly rewards for your faith and obedience. Even on this earth, I want My people to enjoy relief from the stress resulting from disobedience. In fact, I am so anxious to teach you to obey so I can save you that I often must resort to extreme measures, such as what I asked of Abraham.10


“Abraham’s unbelief and disobedience in marrying Hagar brought about the horrible trial with Isaac. However, his subsequent obedience to My command transformed him into a friend of Mine (James 2:23). Are you willing to follow Me no matter what I ask of you?


“It is imperative that My true people be lined up and of one accord on all the doctrines that I have given. All of them must understand, agree, and be ready individually to go in the same direction, submitting to and following Me BEFORE the General Conference Session, which has been scheduled to begin July 2, 2015, exactly 7 days from the date of this dream.11, 12 During that session, the gathered representatives of the world church will vote to ordain regardless of gender. That vote will authorize the ordination of women as pastors throughout the Seventh-day Adventist Church.13


“How can a woman submit if she is ordained as a pastor? Pastors are to be the heads, the leaders of churches. If the leader submits to another, he is no longer the leader, because a leader cannot submit and still lead. If a woman submits in obedience to Me, how can she lead a church? How can My Seventh-day Adventist Church claim to be following Me, her Leader, if she makes decisions that are contrary to, and directly disobey, what I have instructed?”14, 15


Jesus, still holding my hands, says, “I have another message that will continue from here.” He looks behind Him, calls for the Herald to come forward and says, “Show him the next message and have him prepare it right away.”


The Herald takes my right hand and I stand outside what I know to be a Japanese restaurant. Next to the Herald now stand the Announcing angel and the Guide angel. Behind them stand 12 legions of angels. I know that what I am shown has a very important continuation of the message. As the Herald begins to give the message, all stand quietly.


The Herald tells me that plans are being laid so that I will experience in real life what I am shown now. It will not be only a dream. (What I share now is what I encountered when I was taken to observe at a Japanese style, entertainment-themed restaurant.)


The Herald explains the scene I am observing. I see a couple seated in a Japanese restaurant, the type where the chef prepares the food in front of the clientele. A woman there acts very proudly. She wears a lot of gold jewelry—large earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and many rings on her fingers. She wears a great deal of make-up, and her hair is fixed for display. The clothing she wears is glamorous, very revealing, and designed to impress.


When the woman sits down, she looks at the chef and says, “Let me tell you something. You must not allow beef or pork to touch your cooking utensils.” She continues in a loud voice, “I am a Seventh-day Adventist. I do not eat beef or pork.” The chef then asks her, “What do you want in your meal?” She continues, “I want you to fix me shrimp. I will also eat chicken and escargot, but DO NOT allow beef or pork, because they are unclean. We are not to eat them. I am a Seventh-day Adventist, and these are things we should not eat.”16


A man to her left says, “Seventh-day Adventist? I’ve never heard of that.” She replies, “Oh yes. I have been a Seventh-day Adventist over 25 years, and my parents were important Seventh-day Adventists. We have a health message. We teach that we should not eat beef or pork. We also quit work on Friday night. I do not work from Friday sundown until Saturday sundown, because I am a Seventh-day Adventist.” She proudly proclaims this as she lifts a wine glass to her lips.17


Back in my dream, the Herald says, “How sad that those who proudly proclaim being Seventh-day Adventists are stupid, dumb, and blind, and know nothing of the true message. She sits there and talks about unclean meats while she eats escargot and drinks wine.”


My dream changes and I find myself on the top of a mountain with green grass. I notice that the temperature is pleasant, neither hot nor cold, and a breeze blows very gently. I know that I was there for quite some time, possibly two or three hours, and remember feeling very relaxed as I observe the beautiful scenery. I know that in the far, far distance there is snow on the mountain tops, but I am on the top of a smaller hill. I know that this is somewhere in the Swiss Alps.


I am totally shocked when all of a sudden the clear, blue sky is interrupted by what I think are meteors hitting the outer surface of the atmosphere. They hit with such force that the ground shakes where I stand. The explosions are louder than fireworks. Their force causes the ground to shake so hard that I notice even the grass sways back and forth.


I have a hard time standing from the force of everything that is going on. The meteors continue to fly over at an angle, hitting the atmosphere. The pieces that penetrate keep going to wherever they hit the earth, but it is not where I am standing. Nevertheless, the movement makes me feel nauseous, very nervous and very anxious.


Now I am taken into a city where I see a fireball coming down from the sky.18-20 The force of the impact cuts buildings in half, and the fragments dissipate into a very fine mist, which simply destroys people right where they stand. It melts the people so that all that is left are shreds of clothes. I feel such separation, such loss. I feel alone.


Jesus comes, takes my hand, and I am immediately standing once again next to the polluted river. As we stand there, He looks at me and says, “All was created perfect, but sin has polluted a perfect creation.” We begin walking toward the river. I feel completely safe and know that all will be perfect as I walk by His side. He says, “As sin has entered and decisions are made that go against My instruction, restitution is required of those who place their own decisions upon what was put in place at the foundation of the earth.”


As His foot touches the water of the river, the garbage and debris disappear. The water that was dirty and muddy becomes clear, and I smell a freshness from the pure water. I look up to Jesus, knowing that holding my hand is the One who is the Water of all life. By holding His hand, one can have purity and eternal life. Without His hand, there is only death, decay, and a polluted life.


As we continue walking across the water, Jesus tells me that restitution must take place for all I have been shown in this message. “Tell My people to stand fast, as it is time that the river of sin be turned and a new course be allowed.”


With those words, I look down and see the foot of Jesus lift off the water. As we slowly ascend, the water of the river becomes dirty again, and a stench begins to rise from the once-again polluted river. We rise a ways into the air. Now I see the river, as if filled with anger and hate, lift up, change its course, and begin to flow in a new direction. It looks as if another hand controls the river, and a great destruction is now allowed. I feel as if the Holy Spirit no longer guards the banks of the river.21


Jesus says, “Restitution is required from those who change the course of the once-pure river that was placed and designed when the earth was created. Restitution will be demanded from those who change the natural course of the laws and institutions that were engraved into the foundation. Restitution will be required from the heads of the people who follow blindly those who set forth the changes and call them ‘politically correct’. Great restitution is required from the heads of those who mar and change the engraving of My laws.”22


Jesus holds up his hand, and now I see a scene for which I feel great sadness. I am shown a mother holding the shredded remains of a small child’s clothing. The fine fragments from the force of what was sent to the earth simply shredded the skin and bones of her small child. In her arms she holds nothing but shredded, blood-stained fragments of her child’s clothing. This child was taken from her in the blink of an eye.


Jesus says, “Look to the west as the destruction comes, and also look to the east, the north and the south. Let each reap the seeds of their own desires, as they follow the path of their own destruction. Let each choose this day to whom they will submit. Let each one who wants eternal life take My hand.”23


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