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December 29, 2010
By Ernie Knoll

In my dream, Becky and I are sitting in the sanctuary of a Seventh-day Adventist Church. There are about 2,000 members with many of them laughing, joking, or in idle conversations. Some discuss what they did during the week; others gossip about things they have heard about other church members. Children are running up and down the aisles.


An elder now walks out on the platform to give the announcements. He taps the microphone and asks everyone to sit down. Not having much success, he motions for two of the band members. One sits behind the drums, and the other picks up an electric guitar. Becky and I glance at each other, but we do not say a word. The drummer begins banging on the drums, and the guitar player makes it shriek louder than the noise of the talking and laughing.


The church congregation—no, the church audience—now quiets down to hear the elder’s announcements. He begins talking of the day’s activities, such as classes for the Sabbath School teachers in how to hold the members’ attention, videos, and games like the Bible version of a baseball game planned for after the fellowship dinner. He smiles and says, “It will be the Goliaths versus the Davids. Who will win this time? Will the Goliaths defeat the Davids? It should be a real Bible matchup.”


Suddenly a man dressed in a choir robe enters from the right side of the platform, approaches the elder, and tells him, “Thank you. You may now join those sitting below.” In surprise the elder responds, “Who are you? We do not have a choir.” The man in the robe says, “You do today.” More men in robes walk out and escort the elder, drummer, and guitar player off the platform.


All is quiet now as everyone focuses on the man in the choir robe who now stands in the middle of the platform. Several deacons and elders are now below the platform and are ready to remove the man, but they are unable to move. I now notice that the man’s robe is light blue in color with red, white, gold, and silver sashes that hang to his waist. He proceeds to move the microphone from the platform, then walks back to the middle and states that the choir has been sent. He invites everyone to kneel silently and with reverence. He explains that while they are kneeling, the platform will be cleared of items that should not be in God’s sanctuary. Next he invites everyone to confess and ask forgiveness for their sins, so that the heavenly Father’s presence may come into the sanctuary in order that all may worship Him. Many are silently praying now as the choir members quickly and quietly remove the drums, guitars, and other instruments off the platform.


I now look up to see this single choir member still standing in the middle of the platform. He asks why the church members are so focused on the external things of this world when they should be focused on eternal things. He explains that this world is about to end. This is the time when all should revive, repent, and reform. These things are to be done in the name of Jesus. No one can do it without Him. Reach up to Jesus so that He may place you on higher ground. That is where your safety is. In a rich baritone voice, the choir member begins to sing, and the following words fill the sanctuary.


I’m pressing on the upward way,

New heights I’m gaining every day;

Still praying as I onward bound,

“Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.”



Lord, lift me up, and I shall stand

By faith, on heaven’s tableland;

A higher plane than I have found;

Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.


My heart has no desire to stay

Where doubts arise and fears dismay;

Though some may dwell where these abound,

My prayer, my aim is higher ground.



I want to live above the world,

Though Satan’s darts at me are hurled;

For faith has caught all joyful sound,

The song of saints on higher ground.



I want to scale the utmost height,

And catch a gleam of glory bright;

But still I’ll pray till heaven I’ve found,

“Lord, lead me on to higher ground.”

Refrain *


As the choir member begins to speak again, many choir members enter from the left and right of the platform until there are about 200 of them. The speaker invites each member to hear God’s voice, to seek repentance and ask for forgiveness, and to reform. True reform means to no longer do what you ask forgiveness for. That rich, baritone voice once again begins to sing these words:


Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole;

I want Thee forever to live in my soul;

Break down every idol, cast out every foe;

Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.


The rest of the choir joins in, and their voices blend perfectly together.



Whiter than snow, yes, whiter than snow;

Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.


Lord Jesus, look down from Thy throne in the skies,

And help me to make a complete sacrifice;

I give up myself, and whatever I know;

Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.



Lord Jesus, for this I most humbly entreat;

I wait, blessed Lord, at Thy crucified feet,

By faith, for my cleansing; I see Thy blood flow;

Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.



Lord Jesus, Thou seest I patiently wait;

Come now, and within me a new heart create;

To those who have sought Thee, Thou never said’st No;

Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

Refrain **


The choir stops singing, and quietness comes over this now reverent sanctuary. The speaker now states that it is time for each one to come to Jesus. He says, “Ask that your sins be cleansed as white as snow. Jesus willingly gave His blood so that you may have eternal life. Let us pray. Lord and Master, we humbly stand to serve You. It is Your desire that each one here today repent and ask for Your guidance in order to receive Your cleansing. All are but lost sheep. It is through the acceptance of Your Son Jesus that everyone here can ask for forgiveness. We ask that You send Your Spirit, so that each one may reach that higher ground. This is asked in the holy and sacred name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.”


When the prayer ends, a peaceful calm is felt, and all in the congregation remain quiet. The elder who had been ushered away now slowly walks to the middle of a now empty platform. He is bewildered, because the choir members are nowhere to be seen. The elders and deacons who stand below the platform are able to move now, but they stand still in amazement. The elder humbly asks the congregation to remain seated and for the elders and deacons to assist in quietly dismissing all one row at a time. He requests that all remain quiet as they meditate on what was seen and heard. He announces that the day’s activities have been canceled and that, after the sanctuary is empty, all elders and deacons are to return for a meeting to discuss what just transpired and to pray for guidance.


I now look up to see the Herald on my right. He calls me by my heavenly name and says, “Please come with me.” I ask if Becky can come with us. He replies, “No, Becky must return. She needs to quickly finish what she is doing. Many are waiting, and there will be more for her to do.”


The Herald takes my right hand, and I am instantly once again in the corridor where I have been in other dreams. I ask if the choir members were angels sent from heaven.1 The Herald smiles and says, “Jesus asks, ‘Will I find faith when I return?’ This generation is full of doubting Thomases. Today I have some amazing facts to show you. A fact is something that is not open for conjecture and can stand on its own merit.”


I am now shown an amazing fact that transpired on February 28, 1993. I am viewing a sign that reads, “Frederick Seventh-day Adventist Church,” and behind it is a red brick church in Frederick, Maryland. To its left is the Amazing Facts building where Joe Crews worked. The Herald points to the church and explains that it is in the midst of changing its service to that which is not reverent. This church also used funds to obtain a large pipe organ for entertainment purposes in the worship services. This glorifies man, not God. Those funds would have been better spent in evangelism. If the heavenly Father chooses, He can prevent things from happening by any means He chooses.


The Herald points to a children’s Sabbath School classroom and says, “Behold the judgment of God.” I am made to understand that there is a small tape player used to play that which God finds undesirable. I watch as its small power supply bursts into flames, and a small fire erupts into a large flame that quickly spreads from room to room. The automatic fire alarm sounds, and soon fire trucks arrive. The Herald says to notice how the water seems to fuel the fire and make it hotter.2


The Herald says to come with him and to stand with faith and courage, knowing that I will be safe. We walk into the burning building and stand next to the firemen. The fire grows hotter, as if the hoses were spraying gasoline instead of water.3 We next walk over to the far left of the foyer where I notice a rack filled with Amazing Facts literature. The firemen are astonished that it is not on fire. One of them states that it seems as if sacred hands are protecting it. I now see two seraphim protecting the literature. After a time, the fire dies out and the church is destroyed. The Herald and I walk through the burned remains toward the literature rack. It still proudly displays the Amazing Facts literature, which shows no sign of damage. The Herald explains that God provided protection.


We both now go into the Amazing Facts building. It is a time before the fire and it is early in the morning before the employees arrive to work. We enter into the private office of Joe Crews and stand as unseen visitors. He is in quiet, personal prayer and pleads that as the day begins that each step he takes and each word he speaks will bring honor and glory to his heavenly Father. He recommits his life to God and asks for the Holy Spirit to walk with him that day. He also asks that if he makes a wrong step, he will be corrected and placed back on the right path. He is still praying as the Herald and I leave the building.4


The Herald now explains, “You have seen many amazing facts. You have seen that if the heavenly Father chooses to prevent something from occurring, He will.” The Herald describes how God can use any one of many methods at His command. He places great emphasis on the proper way to use His money. An extravagant pipe organ was reduced to nothing more than ashes. It is an amazing fact that God cleansed the Frederick church with fire, as He will do to the whole world. This church did not understand what they were being shown. They purchased new land and built a grand celebration church where they entertain many each week. The Holy Spirit does not visit there; another spirit has taken His place. An amazing fact is that Joe Crews started each day asking for a daily walk with God. It is a fact that to remain faithful, each must commit daily to that walk with God.


Next the Herald shows me another amazing fact. I am now viewing Amazing Facts at the present time in Rocklin, California. The Herald now raises his right hand, points to the Amazing Facts building, and instantly it is in flames. The windows melt from the intense heat, and the entire structure burns so quickly that by the time the fire trucks arrive, only the outside walls remain. No other buildings in the area are harmed. The Herald says, “As was stated before, it is a daily walk.”


I turn to the Herald, and as he lowers his right hand, he says to look again. The building is back to the way it was before the fire, and the Herald explains that the Creator of all reserves the right to decide whether to destroy so all may see. Jesus still asks, “Will I find faith?” Does it take fire to turn hearts to Jesus? If the Amazing Facts building is destroyed by fire, will they simply make a bigger and better building with which to continue in their wrong ways, just as the Frederick church has done? Will they walk further from God?


I look to the Herald and tell him I have a question. Before I can even ask, he answers, “I was told that you were going to ask why you are seeing this of Amazing Facts, when you were shown in the ‘Watch, as I AM Coming!’ dream that Doug Batchelor is surrounded by many angels. You were told that as he walks there are angels in very bright robes who walk in front of him and carry what looks like lamps that light his way. You were told about other angels around him who carry books and others who walk along to encourage him and direct him in his walk. You were shown many larger angels in battle gear who encircle the entire group as they move forward. It is a fact that you must choose to have that daily walk with God. He will not guide you unless you ask Him to. Please come as I have something to show you. Some may find it disturbing, but those who seek His voice will understand.”


Becky and I are now sitting in the Sacramento Central SDA Church in California. Many people are still coming in, and those who are already seated are busy in different discussions. The room is alive with much activity and talk, as if it is an outdoor event. Doug Batchelor stands at the podium, knowing that what is going on is wrong, but he chooses not to say anything.


I now see several men who are not wearing shirts and many are in just shorts. I look back at Doug who still does not say anything. Yet it is as if in his heart he is pleading for help. I know that he understands what he witnesses is wrong, but he chooses not to make a statement. I now notice many women without tops on. The discussions are loud and mixed with much laughter. I look at Doug again and expect by now for him to have done something, but he remains quiet and motionless. I now see many without clothes on. Some people are walking or running around. I take Becky’s hand and tell her we are leaving.


As we reach the back of the church, a woman enters and looks as though she is preparing to make a grand entrance. Her blond hair has been perfectly styled, and I am made to understand that she had arrived early that morning to get help with it. I can see that a great amount of time was taken to place each lock of hair in place as if she is a model or someone requiring admiration. As she passes, I notice that the hair spray is scented. She is only wearing red, high-heeled shoes and much jewelry. As she walks, she holds her hands at her side with her palms facing forward, as if she is the most important person there. Her attitude is as if she is saying, “I am here. All may now begin.” I am made to know that she is the main leader of the musical part at this church.


Becky and I enter into the foyer and quickly exit the church. Outside, I am once again talking with the Herald. He reveals that many will condemn this message, while others will understand the spiritual nakedness of the church.5 Some will understand that those who are in a position to do something, do nothing so that it does not become a problem for themselves. Some would rather preserve their career and position than to make a bold stand. The Herald says that a row boat on smooth water will only have a break in the water’s surface tension if an oar is placed in the water. A row boat that sits on smooth water yet has no oars will stay calm but go nowhere, and the water will become stagnant. The Herald continues by asking, “Where are those today who dare to be a Daniel, willing to stand in a lion’s den?” He states that just because one has been seen walking with holy angels does not mean they are always there.6 An amazing fact is that in order to have constant spiritual protection, it requires a daily commitment and walk with the heavenly Father. The Herald tells me that he is now to show me more amazing facts, so that I will understand.


I am first taken to where I see Doug Batchelor speaking with another man. Doug is telling him that Ernie Knoll is not safe to be around because he is like a lightning rod. The Herald turns to me and says that sometimes it is good to resemble a lightning rod because to be one, you need to be well grounded.


Next I am taken to a room with a table. On top is a cutting board, a loaf of freshly-baked bread, and a knife. The Herald says, “You have been shown in previous dreams the importance of returning a tithe and that if a person knows the tithe is being used improperly, that person will be held accountable. You have already been shown this fact, but it is time you are shown more.”


The Herald raises his right hand and points to the area behind me. On a wall there are videos displaying different ministries, such as It Is Written, Breath of Life, Faith for Today, The Voice of Prophecy, Amazing Facts, and others. The Herald begins by revealing an amazing fact that these ministries call themselves faith-based, but instead they are businesses run as ministries. Rather than relying on God for support, they sell themselves to donors by continually pleading for money to fund certain projects. This deprives the work of the Holy Spirit on hearts, and the ministry funds do not prosper. These ministries also place items on sale in an effort to improve their profit margin. Is their goal to raise souls for Christ or to raise a profit margin? God finds these methods objectionable. If a ministry conducts itself correctly, it will be supplied with the funds that are needed according to God’s plans.


The Herald points to another wall where I am shown emails, correspondence, handouts, and website material done by so-called faith-based ministries. He says that many can testify to the fact that these ministries continue to plead for funds and offer items for sale. It must be questioned why they do this when they are supposed to be faith-based. This is one reason why Jesus continues to ask if He will find faith. Although it is important to make items available to all, these should not be placed on sale as the world does by continually raising and lowering the prices. That is a bribe and it lessens the spiritual value. If ministries will lower their cost of production, then they can set the prices of their products for less and still sustain their ministries. Yet many ministries go against God’s instructions that are available to all. These ministries also struggle to keep employees paid. Another amazing fact is that Amazing Facts and other ministries were forced to lay off employees because there were no funds to pay their salaries. Even the way the Amazing Facts evangelists are employed is not according to God’s direction.


Ministries hold evangelistic meetings and submit a statement that many were baptized. Yet were those souls thoroughly washed of sin or simply washed of the external dirt? Are they baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit or in the name of the checking, savings, and stock accounts?7 How many of those baptized stand as statistics instead of souls saved for heaven?


A ministry that wishes to be faith-based will cease to be like a business. Those ministries that do not have complete faith in God to provide are not faith-based. They are nothing more than businesses for profit. It is interesting to note that a business for profit has no use for a prophet. Notice what God’s prophet, Ellen White, was asked to record:


The Lord warns His instrumentalities in Battle Creek and upon the Pacific Coast to economize, economize. Your rivalry in book-making, in so many illustrations, is bringing expense upon the work. You are constantly planning to lower the prices of the books. This is a mistake. Once let down to a low figure, the book price will never recover. This is not the way to do. If you desire to place the work on a paying basis, do not lower the prices by special offers, which are called by my Instructor inducements, bribes. God does not want you to do this. These methods He does not approve. Devise means to create a fund by which books can be placed in families who do not and cannot obtain them for themselves.


If there are those who are deprived of the books because of the price charged, then let a contribution be taken up for the benefit of those who cannot buy for themselves. Our publishing houses themselves can help in this matter by making gifts for the benefit of those who, unaided, could not procure the books. The Publishing Ministry, pp. 213-214.


Our periodicals have been offered for a limited time on trial at a very low figure; but this has failed of accomplishing the object designed--to secure many permanent subscribers. These efforts are made at considerable expense, often at a loss, and with the best of motives; but if no reduction in price had been made, a greater number of permanent subscribers would have been obtained.


Plans have been made for lowering the prices of our books, without making a corresponding change in the cost of production. This is an error. The work should be kept on a paying basis. Let not the prices of books be lowered by special offers which may be termed inducements or bribes. God does not approve of these methods.


There is a demand for low-priced books, and this demand must be met. But the right plan is to lessen the cost of production.


In new fields, among ignorant or partially civilized peoples, there is a great need of small books presenting the truth in simple language and abundantly illustrated. These books must be sold at a low price, and the illustrations must, of course, be inexpensive. Ibid., p. 229.


I am very desirous that the light contained in my books shall come to every soul possible, for God has sent the message for all. These books contain precious lessons in Christian experience. I would not dare forbid that these books be sold on special occasions at a low price, lest I should hinder the reading of the books, and thus withhold the light from some soul who might be converted to the truth. Ibid., p. 358.


Representations that have been given me lead me to fear the plan of selling our books at too low a price. Many who would take advantage of these low prices, might just as easily pay the full price. And some who buy the books for little, would sell them to others who would have to pay the regular prices. Such a plan is bringing in an order of things that will not bring the best results. If you find worthy people who are not able to pay for a book, it is your privilege to present it to them. But you should hold your books at a price that will insure against a loss to the publishers. . ..


The enemy is ever seeking to scatter briers and thorns among the precious wheat. Earnest labor is required to make a success of our efforts. While certain plans may seem to be wise, and while men may have the best of motives in following them, yet if these plans result in friction, it will be found that the good results that were sought will not appear.


I dare not under present conditions do otherwise than as I have stated. While for a time there might be an enthusiasm in presenting books at a great reduction, yet there are only a few who could do this kind of work. And I cannot consent for you to do this in my behalf. . .. Let us make no mistakes, for we are sowing for eternity. Manuscript Releases, Vol. 1, p. 173


Those ministries that are faithful are true faith-based ministries. They do not concern themselves with the monthly funding and do not place God’s words on sale but rather kneel in His presence, asking for His guidance and that He provide all their needs. When this is done, their storehouses will be filled with that which is needed according to God’s plans. Those that are not led by God will continue to struggle and plead for funding. Additionally, the donors who are aware of these wrong practices will be held accountable, if they continue to support those ministries who do not change their practices to reflect God’s instructions.


Many have now learned the truth about tithing. The Herald now shows me another amazing fact. Many who send their funds to these ministries do not know that the ministries are required to send all tithes directly to the conference, and only a small portion is returned to the ministries. It is no wonder that these ministries are failing financially and must continually ask for additional funds. This was not commanded by God but rather instituted by conference leaders.


To make it easier for everyone to understand, the Herald gives the following illustration. He once again stands by the table where there is a cutting board, a loaf of bread, and a knife. He explains that the bread represents funds sent in by individuals to a ministry. As an example, Amazing Facts used to accept tithe and used it all to bring lost souls to Christ. They no longer do this. The funds are sent directly to the conference where the funds are divided up. The Herald now cuts about 10 very thin slices of bread and says, “This represents what the conference will use in spiritual matters.” He picks up the remainder of the loaf, which is close to 70 percent of the whole loaf, and throws it into a trash can. He reveals that the conference will use that much to invest in the stock market. [It must be explained here that 70 percent is not being lost but rather invested against God’s instruction.] The Herald turns to me and asks, “How much is left?” I answer, “Nothing.” He says, “No, there is still one more thing the conference does.” He picks up a small plastic bag and empties the crumbs from the cutting board into the bag. He says, “The conferences have an agreement with these ministries to return to them what is left over. This is an amazing fact that makes it very clear.”


God calls on those ministries that truly wish to trust in God to do so, in order to be true faith-based ministries. He calls on these ministries to follow His will.8 He wishes to remind those who support these ministries to understand they will be held accountable.


The Herald says, “Come, I am to show you a truly amazing fact.” I am taken into my house where I have my ministry. The Herald says, “You were instructed to never sell the books that you freely give away. You were instructed to never beg for money. You were instructed to daily ask for God’s guidance. You were told that if you continue to be faithful, you would be protected.” The Herald raises his right hand and says, “Behold what you have not seen.” I turn to see my home filled with angels sent by God. The Herald says to look outside, and I see many angels dressed for battle. The Herald explains that all these angels have been sent to protect that which is His and those who seek His daily guidance. The Herald now says to look a little further from the house. I see evil angels whose countenances are dark. They slowly walk around the house, but they are always kept at a distance.


The Herald assures me, “God promised His protection as long as you remain faithful. You were told that He would always provide the personal and ministry funds needed, that you will always have enough for what He needs you to do or where He needs you to go. You are never left wanting, and every month you are always blessed. Those who hear the voice of God in your dreams and testimonials will come to Him. Others hear His voice and become faithful financial supporters. Let this stand as a testament of a true faith-based ministry.”


The Herald now tells me that there is another issue to address. I am taken somewhere so that those who do not understand may learn. I find myself in a room with many bookshelves filled with books. An elderly man sits at a desk with a computer. The Herald explains that it is Cyril Hartman who works for, and that his mission is to try to prove that the messages I have been instructed to give are from Satan. The Herald continues by saying, “Even though I have made it very clear whom I serve, it is not clear to those who strive to denounce the messages and prove their own distorted thinking.”


The Herald explains that Cyril Hartman has twisted statements from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy to meet his own beliefs and to convince others that the Herald’s messages are not from God, even though his beliefs cannot be proven through God’s Word. The Herald continues by stating that God is greatly displeased with this man for giving incomplete information to impress his views on those who are innocently seeking truth. He is doing the same thing that Angel Rodriguez did at the Biblical Research Institute when he tried to say that the Herald does not really do what the title implies. However, he did not research through the Bible but instead made his own unsubstantiated statements, which were shown to be false in the book, The TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH. When Angel Rodriguez wrote things that were false, that was lying. Now Cyril Hartman is doing the same by giving his viewpoints, sharing false information, and dismissing these messages as coming from God. The Herald advises that this elderly man should ask himself if he will see the eyes of Jesus when He calls His saints to everlasting life. Does he serve God, and is he willing to humble himself? Or does he serve self and stand proud and boastful?


In the dream, “The End,” it stated the fact that the Sabbath was the first institution and marriage was the second institution. Cyril Hartman twisted God’s Word in Genesis to meet his own thinking. When Moses wrote Genesis, it was not in true chronological order in every detail. Many think that it is. Cyril Hartman has made a false claim by stating that the Sabbath was the second institution and that marriage was the first institution. Yet in God’s divine planning, He has provided answers to these questions through His prophet, Ellen White. Many no longer want to hear the words of His prophet. If they will only ask, God will guide them to the answers. He instructed Ellen White to write the following, as seen in the book Amazing Grace, page 131:


Adam and Eve, at their creation, had a knowledge of the law of God. It was printed on their hearts, and they understood its claims upon them. The law of God existed before man was created. It was adapted to the condition of holy beings; even angels were governed by it. After the fall, the principles of righteousness were unchanged. Nothing was taken from the law; not one of its holy precepts could be improved. And as it has existed from the beginning, so will it continue to exist throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity.


It is clear from this that when God created Adam and Eve, He implanted His law into their minds. With their first breath, they had full knowledge of the sanctity of the Sabbath. Even angels were governed and lived by the Sabbath before the foundation of this earth was formed. It is clear from what the Great Creator instructed that the Sabbath was, is, and always will be the first institution. Marriage was the second institution, but marriage will cease to exist at Christ’s Second Coming.9 Yet the Sabbath will remain forever.10


With the Herald still holding my right hand, we return to the corridor. I look into his face that reflects such patience and understanding. He says that all that I have just been shown is needed information to help individuals in their walk with Jesus. Those who enjoy a deep study of His messages are to know that the heavenly Father has placed hidden gems about His law and His love into this dream. He smiles at me and explains that I am to continue to serve and strive to build a stronger faith. I am to continue on in these amazing facts that I have been shown, as well as you who are they, who are together, Hliva.

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*I’m Pressing on the Upward Way lyrics written by Johnson Oatman, Jr.


**Lord Jesus, I Long to Be Perfectly Whole lyrics written by James Nicholson.