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March 27, 2010
By Ernie Knoll

In my dream, Becky and I are in a meeting room discussing with others of like belief about going to a new amusement park that is opening just for Seventh-day Adventists (SDAs). We talk about how we will approach the people and explain how they should not be there, that it is a place that is not for true SDAs and that the rides they think are safe are actually not.


We instantly find ourselves at the park and go straight to the main attraction that is a large water slide. It has been verbally built up with a lot of hype as the best ride in the world. The employees talk of how the ride takes you up very high, then you slide in a wonderfully fun way down through long valleys, through tunnels, continuing on to the brightness of day. It spins you, and at times you will be upside down, and at other times you think you are actually flying. It again takes you back up very high where you see a large horizon pool below. The workers describe how you will slide down very fast from a great height and how at the end of the pool it appears as if you are at the edge of the world. It is explained that it looks like you will fall forever but not to worry because it is perfectly safe. We notice that when the car ride goes over the edge, it dumps the people over and they fall forever into a bottomless pit.


Our group now goes inside a waiting area where many are lining up to take the car ride. We notice the employees keep people amused and speak in a comforting way and as though they are sales people. One is showing how he can command a toy boat on the ground to move with just his thoughts and everyone laughs. I notice a clear fishing line attached to it, and someone around the corner is pulling on the line to make the boat move. Another worker is running a small radio-controlled toy that is a mockup of the water slide car. He states that it is more dangerous than the real one, and the workers laugh.


Our group now approaches the people waiting to get on the ride and shows them the truth of how the ride ends in death and the proof that this is not where they should be. They are being entertained with things that did not seem important to us but was to set people at ease so they would not feel worried but would put them in a mindless stupor. It is as if they are “drugged” through watching and listening, without taking anything. As we talk to the people, some leave, but many stay and state that they do not want to listen and to leave them alone. A few begin to help us tell others.


As we walk around, I see a young woman with a large bag of fruit. She is giving it to people waiting to get on the ride. As some take the fruit, they leave the park and the woman asks a few of them to work with our group. Many state they do not want the fruit and ask the woman to leave them alone. These people remain in the park.


I now walk over to the woman and tell her I know who she is and that I have seen her before. She says, “I know very well who you are and of the work you have done, how many have accepted the truth you are shown and they are safe. I know how you fell and how you did not see me, but I was there helping you as you got up. I know of the false things others have said and how because of that many no longer are interested in eating the fruit I have to offer. They have walked away and are headed over the edge. The woman continues to approach people one at a time but very quickly offers them fruit and then continues on.