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March 18, 2008
By Ernie Knoll

In my dream, I am standing at the bottom of a very large cone-shaped valley. The valley floor is actually round and covered with lush trees and flowers. There is such a variety of animals and birds. Everything is truly beautiful. The walls of the valley go almost straight up and slope out more towards the top. Many trees, flowers and grass grow out of the sides of the walls of the valley. The height of the walls is about 1,500 feet.

Looking up, I see dark blue sky above. My angel is standing next to me. He explains that there are 800 little black birds that have been trained1 to all fly at once. They are to fly out of the large, deep valley.2 My angel looks at me and smiles, and I know it is the Herald. He looks up and says, “Great Creator, we are ready to see.” Suddenly all the birds begin to fly and look so excited. As they get higher and higher, they have such fervor to ascend to the top. The Herald looks at me and smiles. He calls me by my heavenly name and asks, “May I have your hand?” I hold out my left hand. He looks at me, at my left hand, and then back at me. He smiles a larger smile, calls me by my heavenly name again and asks,“May I have your right hand?”3

I hold out my right hand and the two of us ascend. As we fly up, we are sometimes surrounded by all the birds. I look at them and it is as if they still have an excitement about what they are doing. The Herald and I continue to ascend and pass all the birds. After a little time we are at the very top of the large valley. We go to a large, white observation deck which is built into the side of the wall at the top of the valley. There is a large white wall behind the deck in the valley wall. We turn and look down into the vast valley below. We watch as the birds keep flying and flying, some in a circle and others at different angles. Each is trying to get higher and higher to leave the valley.

After a while I notice many of the birds get tired and give up.4 They turn and fly or glide back to the valley floor.5 Others become disinterested in flying out. They become distracted6 with the many beautiful flowers and trees. Other birds begin to fight and try to stop each other from flying out.7 They show a greedy8, selfish tendency. They are always doing what they can to get ahead of the other birds, while using up precious energy to fly out of this vast valley. I watch as others stop to discuss the ancient books of the best ways to fly. They get out charts to plot and study the wind currents and try to figure out what is the best way to ascend. Many continue to ascend, but many continue to give up and glide back down.9 Seeing the beautiful trees, others fly over and begin building nests. Some stop to enjoy the beautiful, fragrant flowers.10

The Herald now points out one single bird. He says, “Notice how he always keeps looking up. He keeps his eyes on the top of the valley wall.” As I watch, I tell the Herald that he looks very tired. The Herald says that he is but has not lost sight of his goal. I watch the few birds that are left. Many have grown tired, given up and returned to the valley floor. All the while this one small bird keeps his eyes on the very top of the valley. As he gets closer he is now all alone. All the rest have given up. Many are fighting and trying to get ahead of each other while slowly descending. However, the one bird gets closer and closer to the top. He looks very tired, but he keeps his eyes on the open sky. He never looks back. As he passes us, I know he could have stopped to rest on the deck, but he doesn’t. He continues on, up and out of the valley.11

Looking at the Herald, I tell him that it appears only one bird12 made it out of the valley. He says, “Come, I have more to show you.” I ask him why I was shown that. Holding my hand, he and I walk through the white wall on the side of the valley where the deck is attached. We are once again in the corridor and sit down on a couch. He says, “Many will not understand what you were just shown. Many did not understand the things you were shown in the last dream either. Let me give you something to read after you are awake. Share this and let those who believe read and study so they will understand. Our Creator showed His prophet, Ellen White, to pen what is now written in Maranatha, page 253 and also Last Day Events, Chapter 12. (See end of document.) Many believe because they are given a certificate that it will allow them entrance to heaven. What I have shown you now you will understand after reading again what you have already read. Remember only one of the 800 birds came out of the great valley. The same with the last dream--many read but only a few were able to understand what was being taught.” The Herald looks at me and calls me by my heavenly name. He says, “Remove your shoes and use this cloth to remove the dust and dirt from your shoes.13 When you are done, put your shoes back on and let us continue as I have something I must show you again.”

I stand up and the Herald and I walk through the wall. I am again where I was not long ago in another dream--high above the surface of the earth. The Herald says, “I am to show you once again the things which are going to be happening to the earth soon. Hold strong to your faith, as I will be right here and no harm will come to those who are they.” I watch as suddenly balls of fire14 come screaming past us at a very high speed. They break through the atmosphere and explode, causing destruction from where they are to the surface below. Others go through and hit the earth. As they hit, the earth shakes and pulses. I see many buildings collapse. Others burn up and are consumed in an instant. It can only be described as shock waves that ripple through the ground. Complete highways and freeways disappear, either from the ground opening or they simply dissolve and disappear into the ground. I watch as these fireballs hit the ocean, which causes the water to rise up into a large wall. It hits many of the coastal cities that are still standing. The walls of water dissolve bridges and buildings as if they are simple sand structures.15

I see, hear and can feel explosions everywhere. Hot flames of fire shoot upward hundreds of feet. Large rivers of fire melt everything in a flowing path. I watch as buildings twist and turn from the earth moving. Oceans ripple from the vibration of the earth. Suddenly all becomes still. It is as if God Himself has reached down with His mighty hand and stayed the destruction that Satan was allowed to do. The smoke clears, fires subside, and water recedes back toward the oceans. I now see destruction unlike anything I have ever seen before. Cities are completely gone, many towns are in rubble, many highways and bridges have disappeared. Airplanes cannot take off since the runways are destroyed. I know that I just watched so many people die. Many were God’s people and many were not.

I turn to the Herald and I ask him once again if everyone was destroyed. Looking at me with patience in his eyes, he says, “Watch very closely.” I watch as many go into what is left of the streets. Many come together and start praying for forgiveness. Many say that all this is their fault and that they have strayed from worshiping the true God. I see a newspaper stand where the headlines read, “Let us all worship God this Sunday.” Another says, “Sunday, Sabbath, God’s Day.” The Herald says, “What I show you now I will veil from your eyes and ears, but I have been instructed to tell you. A great king will arise and walk the earth and claim he will make all things new.16 He will make all sick well and all things will be as if it never were. He walks about performing miracles, but this only lasts for a short time. He tells them, ‘You have sinned against me. But I am your king and I will serve you, but you must submit and serve me. I now want you to only worship me on the new holy day. Those who will not comply will be handled as I know best.’” The Herald says, “Enough of this here. Lucifer shows no love or compassion, just lies. Our Father holds the one true book and it is called truth. Let us leave here.”

The Herald and I return to the corridor. I stand there looking at him. He can tell I am very shaken from all I have seen. He looks at me and says, “Keep your faith. Stay on the path God has shown you.” As he smiles he says, “I have been instructed to take you one more place.”

We walk to the wall and pass through. We instantly are in a garden of extreme beauty that cannot be put into words. As we walk along a path, we come to an open area. I see many angels lined on each side of the path. They all form one focal point, and that is Jesus who sits on a most beautiful throne. The Herald takes me to Jesus. I fall to my knees at His feet. He calls me by my heavenly name and puts a hand on each of my shoulders. He says, “I have a message you are to share, along with what you have been shown.” He then wraps His left arm around me and I feel His large open hand against my back as He draws me close to Him. His large right hand now cups the left side of my face as He pulls me to His chest. I can feel His strength pull me close to Him. He then says, “Tell my brothers our Father loves them so very, very much.17 Tell them He is patiently waiting but wants you home now.18 Tell them to watch and to listen. Tell them to not give up. Tell them to keep their eyes and ears to the horizon. Tell them to not be distracted with the things of this world. Tell them to hold fast to what lies above and is just ahead.” Then He pulls me even tighter. I can feel the warmth of His hands on the side of my face as He says, “Tell them I am coming to bring them home. Tell them, ‘Get ready!’ ”19

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  16. Last Day Events, p. 165 "Satan . . . will come personating Jesus Christ, working mighty miracles; and men will fall down and worship him as Jesus Christ. We shall be commanded to worship this being, whom the world will glorify as Christ. What shall we do? Tell them that Christ has warned us against just such a foe, who is man's worst enemy, yet who claims to be God, and that when Christ shall make His appearance it will be with power and great glory, accompanied by ten thousand times ten thousand angels and thousands of thousands, and that when He shall come we shall know His voice."--6BC 1106 (1888).

    Satan is striving to gain every advantage. . . . Disguised as an angel of light, he will walk the earth as a wonder-worker. In beautiful language he will present lofty sentiments; good words will be spoken by him and good deeds performed. Christ will be personified. But on one point there will be a marked distinction--Satan will turn the people from the law of God. Notwithstanding this, so well will he counterfeit righteousness that, if it were possible, he would deceive the very elect. Crowned heads, presidents, rulers in high places, will bow to his false theories.--FE 471, 472 (1897).

    The sick will be healed before us. Miracles will be performed in our sight. Are we prepared for the trial which awaits us when the lying wonders of Satan shall be more fully exhibited?--1T 302 (1862).

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Maranatha, p. 253


Witnessing Before the Great Men of the Earth

"And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles. Matthew 10:18.

The time is not far off when the people of God will be called upon to give their testimony before the rulers of the earth. Not one in twenty has a realization of what rapid strides we are making toward the great crisis in our history. . . . There is no time for vanity, for trifling, for engaging the mind in unimportant matters.

Kings, governors, and great men will hear of you through the reports of those who are at enmity with you, and your faith and character will be misrepresented before them. But those who are falsely accused will have an opportunity to appear in the presence of their accusers to answer for themselves. They will have the privilege of bringing the light before those who are called the great men of the earth, and if you have studied the Bible, if you are ready to give an answer to every man that asketh you of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear, your enemies will not be able to gainsay your wisdom.

You now have an opportunity to attain to the greatest intellectual power through the study of the Word of God. But if you are indolent, and fail to dig deep in the mines of truth, you will not be ready for the crisis that is soon to come upon us. O that you would realize that each moment is golden. If you live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, you will not be found unprepared.

You know not where you may be called upon to give your witness of truth. Many will have to stand in the legislative courts; some will have to stand before kings and before the learned of the earth, to answer for their faith. Those who have only a superficial understanding of truth will not be able clearly to expound the Scriptures, and give definite reasons for their faith. They will become confused, and will not be workmen that need not to be ashamed. Let no one imagine that he has no need to study, because he is not to preach in the sacred desk. You know not what God may require of you."

Last Day Events, pp. 172-182

Chapter 12: The Shaking

Church Membership No Guarantee of Salvation

"It is a solemn statement that I make to the church, that not one in twenty whose names are registered upon the church books are prepared to close their earthly history, and would be as verily without God and without hope in the world as the common sinner."--ChS 41 (1893).

"Those who have had opportunities to hear and receive of the truth and who have united with the Seventh-day Adventist church, calling themselves the commandment-keeping people of God, and yet possess no more vitality and consecration to God than do the nominal churches, will receive the plagues of God just as verily as the churches who oppose the law of God."--19MR 176 (1898)

The Chaff Separated From the Wheat

"Divisions will come in the church. Two parties will be developed. The wheat and tares grow up together for the harvest."--2SM 114 (1896).

"There will be a shaking of the sieve. The chaff must in time be separated from the wheat. Because iniquity abounds, the love of many waxes cold. It is the very time when the genuine will be the strongest."--Letter 46, 1887.

"The history of the rebellion of Dathan and Abiram is being repeated, and will be repeated till the close of time. Who will be on the Lord's side? Who will be deceived, and in their turn become deceivers?"--Letter 15, 1892.

"The Lord is soon to come. There must be a refining, winnowing process in every church, for there are among us wicked men who do not love the truth or honor God."--RH March 19, 1895.

"We are in the shaking time, the time when everything that can be shaken will be shaken. The Lord will not excuse those who know the truth if they do not in word and deed obey His commands."--6T 332 (1900).

Persecution Cleanses the Church

"Prosperity multiplies a mass of professors. Adversity purges them out of the church."--4T 89 (1876).

"The time is not far distant when the test will come to every soul. The mark of the beast will be urged upon us. Those who have step by step yielded to worldly demands and conformed to worldly customs will not find it a hard matter to yield to the powers that be, rather than subject themselves to derision, insult, threatened imprisonment, and death. The contest is between the commandments of God and the commandments of men. In this time the gold will be separated from the dross in the church."--5T 81 (1882).

"In the absence of the persecution there have drifted into our ranks men who appear sound and their Christianity unquestionable, but who, if persecution should arise, would go out from us".--Ev 360 (1890).

"When the law of God is made void the church will be sifted by fiery trials, and a larger proportion than we now anticipate will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils."--2SM 368 (1891).

Superficial Believers Will Renounce the Faith

"The work which the church has failed to do in a time of peace and prosperity she will have to do in a terrible crisis under most discouraging, forbidding circumstances. The warnings that worldly conformity has silenced or withheld must be given under the fiercest opposition from enemies of the faith. And at that time the superficial, conservative [ELLEN WHITE IS NOT HERE DISTINGUISHING THEOLOGICAL CONSERVATIVES FROM THEIR LIBERAL COUNTERPARTS; SHE IS DESCRIBING THOSE WHO PUT "WORLDLY CONFORMITY" FIRST AND GOD'S CAUSE SECOND.] class, whose influence has steadily retarded the progress of the work, will renounce the faith."--5T 463 (1885).

"If Satan sees that the Lord is blessing His people and preparing them to discern his delusions, he will work with his master power to bring in fanaticism on the one hand and cold formalism on the other, that he may gather in a harvest of souls."--2SM 19 (1890).

"Those who have had privileges and opportunities to become intelligent in regard to the truth and yet who continue to counterwork the work God would have accomplished will be purged out, for God accepts the service of no man whose interest is divided."--Ms 64, 1898.

"As trials thicken around us, both separation and unity will be seen in our ranks. Some who are now ready to take up weapons of warfare will in times of real peril make it manifest that they have not built upon the solid rock; they will yield to temptation. Those who have had great light and precious privileges but have not improved them will, under one pretext or another, go out from us."--6T 400 (1900).

The Straight Testimony Produces a Shaking

"I asked the meaning of the shaking I had seen, and was shown that it would be caused by the straight testimony called forth by the counsel of the True Witness to the Laodiceans. This will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver, and will lead him to exalt the standard and pour forth the straight truth. Some will not bear this straight testimony. They will rise up against it, and this will cause a shaking among God's people."--1T 181 (1857).

"There are those among us who will make confessions, as did Achan, too late to save themselves. They are not in harmony with right. They despise the straight testimony that reaches the heart, and would rejoice to see everyone silenced who gives reproof."--3T 272 (1873).

"The Lord calls for a renewal of the straight testimony borne in years past. He calls for a renewal of spiritual life. The spiritual energies of His people have long been torpid, but there is to be a resurrection from apparent death. By prayer and confession of sin we must clear the King's highway."--8T 297 (1904).

Unjust Criticism Causes Loss of Souls

"Even in our day there have been and will continue to be entire families who have once rejoiced in the truth, but who will lose faith because of calumnies and falsehoods brought to them in regard to those whom they have loved and with whom they have had sweet counsel. They opened their hearts to the sowing of tares, the tares sprang up among the wheat, they strengthened, the crop of wheat became less and less, and the precious truth lost its power to them."--TM 411 (1898).

False Doctrines Draw Some Away

"Science, so-called, and religion will be placed in opposition to each other because finite men do not comprehend the power and greatness of God. These words of Holy Writ were presented to me, "Of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them" [Acts 20:30]. This will surely be seen among the people of God."--Ev 593 (1890).

"When the shaking comes, by the introduction of false theories, these surface readers, anchored nowhere, are like shifting sand. They slide into any position to suit the tenor of their feelings of bitterness."--TM 112 (1897).

"Not having received the love of the truth, they will be taken in the delusions of the enemy; they will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils and will depart from the faith."--6T 401 (1900).

"The enemy will bring in false theories, such as the doctrine that there is no sanctuary. This is one of the points on which there will be a departing from the faith."--Ev 224 (1905).

Rejection of the Testimonies Results in Apostasy

"One thing is certain: Those Seventh-day Adventists who take their stand under Satan's banner will first give up their faith in the warnings and reproofs contained in the Testimonies of God's Spirit."--3SM 84 (1903).

"The very last deception of Satan will be to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God. "Where there is no vision, the people perish" (Proverbs 29:18). Satan will work ingeniously, in different ways and through different agencies, to unsettle the confidence of God's remnant people in the true testimony."--1SM 48 (1890).

"The enemy has made his masterly efforts to unsettle the faith of our own people in the Testimonies. . . . This is just as Satan designed it should be, and those who have been preparing the way for the people to pay no heed to the warnings and reproofs of the Testimonies of the Spirit of God will see that a tide of errors of all kinds will spring into life."--3SM 83 (1890).

"It is Satan's plan to weaken the faith of God's people in the Testimonies. Next follows skepticism in regard to the vital points of our faith, the pillars of our position, then doubt as to the Holy Scriptures, and then the downward march to perdition. When the Testimonies, which were once believed, are doubted and given up, Satan knows the deceived ones will not stop at this; and he redoubles his efforts till he launches them into open rebellion, which becomes incurable and ends in destruction."--4T 211.

Defections Among Church Leaders

"Many a star that we have admired for its brilliance will then go out in darkness."--PK 188 (c. 1914).

"Men whom He has greatly honored will, in the closing scenes of this earth's history, pattern after ancient Israel. . . . A departure from the great principles Christ has laid down in His teachings, a working out of human projects, using the Scriptures to justify a wrong course of action under the perverse working of Lucifer, will confirm men in misunderstanding, and the truth that they need to keep them from wrong practices will leak out of the soul like water from a leaky vessel."--13MR 379, 381 (1904).

"Many will show that they are not one with Christ, that they are not dead to the world, that they may live with Him; and frequent will be the apostasies of men who have occupied responsible positions."--RH Sept. 11, 1888.

Unsanctified Ministers Will Be Weeded Out

"The great issue so near at hand [enforcement of Sunday laws] will weed out those whom God has not appointed and He will have a pure, true, sanctified ministry prepared for the latter rain."--3SM 385 (1886).

"Many will stand in our pulpits with the torch of false prophecy in their hands, kindled from the hellish torch of Satan. . . .

Some will go out from among us who will bear the ark no longer. But these can not make walls to obstruct the truth; for it will go onward and upward to the end."--TM 409, 411 (1898).

"Ministers and doctors may depart from the faith, as the Word declares they will, and as the messages that God has given His servant declare they will."--7MR 192 (1906).

The Church May Appear as About to Fall

"The shaking of God blows away multitudes like dry leaves."--4T 89 (1876).

"Chaff like a cloud will be borne away on the wind, even from places where we see only floors of rich wheat."--5T 81 (1882).

"Soon God's people will be tested by fiery trials, and the great proportion of those who now appear to be genuine and true will prove to be base metal. . . .

When the religion of Christ is most held in contempt, when His law is most despised, then should our zeal be the warmest and our courage and firmness the most unflinching. To stand in defense of truth and righteousness when the majority forsake us, to fight the battles of the Lord when champions are few--this will be our test. At this time we must gather warmth from the coldness of others, courage from their cowardice, and loyalty from their treason."--5T 136 (1882).

"The church may appear as about to fall, but it does not fall. It remains, while the sinners in Zion will be sifted out--the chaff separated from the precious wheat. This is a terrible ordeal, but nevertheless it must take place."--2SM 380 (1886).

"As the storm approaches, a large class who have professed faith in the third angel's message, but have not been sanctified through obedience to the truth, abandon their position and join the ranks of the opposition."--GC 608 (1911).

God's Faithful Will Be Revealed

"The Lord has faithful servants who in the shaking, testing time will be disclosed to view. There are precious ones now hidden who have not bowed the knee to Baal. They have not had the light which has been shining in a concentrated blaze upon you. But it may be under a rough and uninviting exterior the pure brightness of a genuine Christian character will be revealed. In the daytime we look toward heaven but do not see the stars. They are there, fixed in the firmament, but the eye cannot distinguish them. In the night we behold their genuine luster."--5T 80, 81 (1882).

"On every occasion that persecution takes place, the witnesses make decisions, either for Christ or against Him. Those who show sympathy for the men wrongly condemned, who are not bitter against them, show their attachment for Christ."--ST Feb. 20, 1901.

"Let opposition arise, let bigotry and intolerance again bear sway, let persecution be kindled, and the half-hearted and hypocritical will waver and yield the faith; but the true Christian will stand firm as a rock, his faith stronger, his hope brighter than in days of prosperity."--GC 602 (1911).

New Converts Will Take the Places of Those Who Leave

"Some had been shaken out and left by the way. The careless and indifferent, who did not join with those who prized victory and salvation enough to perseveringly plead and agonize for it, did not obtain it, and they were left behind in darkness, and their places were immediately filled by others taking hold of the truth and coming into the ranks."--EW 271 (1858).

"The broken ranks will be filled up by those represented by Christ as coming in at the eleventh hour. There are many with whom the Spirit of God is striving. The time of God's destructive judgments is the time of mercy for those who [now] have no opportunity to learn what is truth. Tenderly will the Lord look upon them. His heart of mercy is touched, His hand is still stretched out to save, while the door is closed to those who would not enter. Large numbers will be admitted who in these last days hear the truth for the first time."--Letter 103, 1903.

"Standard after standard was left to trail in the dust as company after company from the Lord's army joined the foe and tribe after tribe from the ranks of the enemy united with the commandment-keeping people of God."--8T 41 (1904).