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October 21, 2007
by Ernie Knoll

In my dream, I am alone in a fellowship room which has several tables with chairs. I am praying because I am distraught over people’s reactions to the dreams. I now sense that I should look up and I notice Jesus comes through the wall. He calls me by my heavenly name. There is a sense of seriousness. He now answers four questions that I have been praying about and have never spoken aloud. He answers each one specifically to what I asked Him.


Jesus answers one of the questions by the following. (Due to the personal nature of the other three questions, they will not be mentioned in this document.)

  • What Becky and I are doing with the ministry is exactly as He has planned.
  • There is no error in anything we have done.
  • These are messages that He has sent to His people. He is the author and inspiration of not only the dreams, but also the correspondence and the website. The For My People Ministry is very important.

I respond, “I am really bothered by the comments that people make and how they doubt what You have shown me.” I tell Him how the things they say bothers me deep down because of the things He and the Herald have shown me. I tell Him that I understand to not look at the things of this world but to ponder the things He has waiting for us. He reminds me of the Go Forth dream. He talks about Anonymous and how He is very well pleased with this person. He says how He would like to see others just like this person. He explains that this person’s faith is so strong that this person can “tell a mustard seed to become a mountain.” And by this person’s faith it would happen.


I tell Him that there are so many people who have questions and doubt the dreams and that they don’t know who we are. Why are we not reaching many with the messages we are to share? Is there someone I can be connected with so that these messages can go out faster? Jesus replies “Yes, I will connect you with _______.”


I turn to see _______ come through the door. I tell _______, “I understand you believe in Acts 2:17.” _______ answers, “And you have messages that you are to share.” “Yes,” I reply, “and I have a hard time sharing because people doubt.” I tell _______ how Jesus was just here and told me that He would connect me with _______. I tell _______ how Jesus and I spoke of how people doubt and are suspicious, how I have trouble reaching His people. Soon many people gather around wanting to hear everything we are talking about. Then before leaving for an appointment, _______ says to me, “Tell them your story and what Jesus said, then we need to get started. We have much to do and little time.”