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September 14, 2007
by Ernie Knoll

My dream begins in outer space where I have just visited a planet in a galaxy far away. I am flying very fast, covering billions of light years in mere micro thought seconds, toward home—the New Earth. The speed I am traveling cannot be understood the way we think now. To travel the universe seems very easy, since I notice it is laid out in concentric circles and I am headed to the middle of all of the circles. When the New Earth comes into view, I see how it has been made new, along with the surrounding planets.


As I approach the vast valley to the far left of the city, I slow down and my feet gently touch the ground. I head toward my country home, walking up a path that I have made with what feels like smooth but soft rocks. On the left and right I notice the many trees I planted a long time ago. Behind the trees on the right are fields of grass and flowers. The scent of the trees, grass, and flowers cannot be unnoticed. On the left, I notice that I have used clear sheets of rocks to make panels for a long, eight-foot high aquarium that is filled with many fish. As the leaves of the trees brush the top of the aquarium water, the fish are eating the leaves.


As I look at my house, which is made into the side of a hill which is in front of a mountain, I realize that I have also used large sheets of clear rock to make the walls and roof. Many of the sheets are not flat but contoured to the way I have draped them over each other. This allows water that flows from a stream above to come over the top of the house, along the side of the wall and down into the aquarium. The far end of the aquarium is built with an overflow which forms into a stream that flows into the valley below.


When I reach my home, I notice that over the top of the door is a sign and on it is my heavenly name. Upon entering inside, I am welcomed by a pet I have. He has large round eyes and long flowing fur which is very soft to the touch. On the sides of his neck and below his ears is what looks like gills that are dry and covered somewhat with fur. He walks toward me on all fours then stands on his hind legs and says one word to inform me that he would like his special treat that I prepare for him. I realize that I have taught him to speak simple words. I tell him to come with me and we walk outside toward an orchard. As we get close I have a special tall grass that is growing. My pet flies to a low tree limb to watch me. He whistles a beautiful song while humming through his gills. The humming is a base sound which complements the higher whistling sounds. I reach down the stalk of a plant to pull off what looks like seed pods. As I hold the pods, I watch as they swell into cherry-shaped treats. My pet jumps from the tree and stands next to me while humming loudly. I hold out my hand in front of him and he reaches with his paws for the treats. Each paw has several soft toes that have what looks like small suction cups on the tips. As he eats the treats he says “good.”


I now walk back toward my house and my pet follows me while walking upright. On the way my neighbor greets me and we talk for a little while. He inquires where I have traveled and what I saw there. He says he wants to go there soon and tells me where he had visited and describes what he saw. We finish our visit and tell each other it is time to get ready. I go inside of my house where I do some things for a while.


I now leave my house and begin walking down the path. I stop to pull a few leaves off a tree that is over my aquarium. I shred the leaves into small pieces. Bending over I sprinkle them over the water and watch as the fish swim around and eat the pieces of leaves. I turn now and continue down the path. As I look straight ahead, I notice how I have worked the trees to form a frame around a view of a mountain with a waterfall that comes down to a large lake below. This lake creates small streams which go off in different directions.


I continue down the path to the end of it. I look to my left. I see the great city with the beautiful walls that illuminate from the inside. They glisten with a beauty that I have no words to describe. While walking for a while toward the city, I enjoy the paths along meadows, through trees, tall splendid grass and flowers with myriads of shapes and colors. Many birds of different shapes and colors are flying and singing. Many fly up out of the tall grass as I get close. I see many, many different animals. Some I recognize from the old earth, but there are so many new animals of different sizes. I marvel at all the life I see. Everything is fresh and new but larger than I ever thought it would be. I have a constant feeling of being overwhelmed with all I see.


As I continue on I see so many other homes built in this immense area that does not seem to end. To get a better view of the great city ahead of me, I decide to fly and now rise high above the ground. I understand the size of each of the four walls to be about 1,500 miles long. The height of the wall is about 300 feet. The thickness of the walls is not as thick as the beams which sit on top of the wall and go from one pillar to the next. The beams and the pillars are clear and are the same width. The pillars are massive in dimension. As I view the scene, the large size of everything overwhelms me.


Many other people are flying or walking toward the gate of the city. As I approach the wall, I know this opening is the middle of the west wall. I realize that a long ways to the right there is another opening as well as to the left. I also know that there is a north, south and east wall configured the same as the west wall. As I near the gate, I notice there is no longer a guard. I land and enter through. Ahead to my right is the temple that I was in for a short time before all was made new. I head towards the left and notice how the streets are clear but have a slight tint of yellow. I can still see way down through. There are many buildings and different trees. Flowers and grass line the streets. I see different forms of animals, birds, and so many people. We are all now close to the same height as the tallest people that I saw in heaven. There are angels everywhere. Smaller sidewalks extend from the streets and are made of the same clear substance. As I walk along one of the sidewalks, I notice that smaller sidewalks lead up to large beautiful buildings. These homes are built differently for each individual. I cannot describe the architecture.


Walking along for quite a ways, I continue to enjoy everything I see, smell, and hear. After a while I turn and walk up a small sidewalk to my city home. I find that I have an overwhelming sense about mine. I stop and look in awe at the large home that was made for me. As I look straight ahead, I see what appears to be an entryway with a roof and walls. Over the top of the first wall is a very large rectangular diamond. It is engraved with my heavenly name that glows and shimmers. Beyond this roof and walls are other smaller roofs and walls, then more and more. This continues till I walk into my home. There is no door. I notice how each of the rooms inside of each room frames my crown that sits on a shelf. I find what can only be described as a large slice of the wall had been removed and then slid straight into the wall to form a shelf. As I look at my crown, I realize it is not at all what I thought it would look like. It is made of many different metals and beautiful stones are in it. I also notice what looks like what I can only describe as leather and fur, although I know it cannot be. I remember when Jesus first placed my crown on my head, it was much smaller but is now larger as I have grown to the size I am.


I now look to the left and hanging on the wall is my robe. It is long and made of ropes and collars that form around the neck area. It is difficult to describe. Two angels now enter and ask if they may assist in putting my robe on me. I answer them and they lift the robe off the hanger and place it around my shoulders. I find it interesting that there is no weight to this robe. One of the angels walks over to my crown and asks, “May I bring you your crown?” I answer him and he walks over and places my crown on my head. I also notice that there is no weight to my crown. We look at each other and smile because we know the significance of the crown and the robe. The angels say how much they appreciate helping with my robe and crown. I tell them how much I appreciate all they have done for me. I say that it is time to go meet. We are excited and feel a sense of great anticipation.


We go out of my home and begin walking. We know we have a great distance to travel because we are going to meet on the far eastern side of the great city. We decide to fly and no sooner do we rise off the ground then we descend on the eastern side. I now stand in a perfect square in front of a large platform with others like me. In the sky above us is an innumerable host of angels. On both sides and behind us is a large multitude of angels arranged in a way for harmonic singing. Behind these groups of angels stand a great multitude of people that cannot be counted. I watch as an angel of such grandeur and noble appearance walks to the middle of the platform. I watch as God the Father and Jesus walk from the left side of the platform to the middle. The Father sits down and then Jesus sits next to the right hand of the Father. (I cannot see the physical form of the Father in this dream, but I know it is Him. What I do see is a very bright light.) The angel in the middle of the platform sings a note. Suddenly the angels to the left join in with their voices, then the angels to the right, then the angels behind us. Next the angels above join in, then we who are they, then the great multitude of people. We pause during the refrain and hear the singing of many throughout the universe. After the refrain we all join in as one. It is a very happy Sabbath.


[Note: I awoke from this dream with great disappointment but yet with a feeling of such happiness that cannot be described. I realize now why we are to strive to be among the 144,000.]