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August 4, 2007
By Ernie Knoll

In my dream, it is a Sabbath morning and I am sitting in a pastor’s church on the back far right side. I watch as announcements are given. I notice that many are in idle conversations and laughing. Several of the infants are crying. Some people are visiting out in the foyer. Next the elder offers the congregational prayer.


I am now standing on the right side of the platform. As I look out I see many angels standing, some sitting next to members. I see noble looking angels wearing white robes. I also see other angels wearing robes of dark gray. Their countenances are weathered and worn. I watch as these angels are upsetting infants to make them cry and cause other distractions to draw people’s attention away from what is being said from the pulpit. I see others making the minds of several wander. These evil angels are sitting and whispering in the ears of children and teenagers. They are trying hard to distract them from what is being said. Some are standing at the back doors to keep those in the foyer from coming into the sanctuary. Other of these angels are doing all they can to ruin the atmosphere of reverence and holiness in the sanctuary.


The pastor now gets up to begin his sermon, shares a little, looks down and then pauses and looks up. He says, “Let’s pray this morning before we open God’s Word.” He kneels to the right of the pulpit. His prayer is very short. During his prayer, he asks that God send His holy angels to fill the sanctuary and that all the evil angels be escorted out and away from the church.


During the prayer, I watch as many of God’s holy angels come in to escort the evil angels out. Some of God’s angels sit down to quiet the infants. Others encourage listeners to put away worldly thoughts and focus on what is being said. Some quickly usher those visiting in the foyer into the sanctuary to find a place to sit. The church is now filled with heavenly angels. Outside the church, holy angels stand shoulder to shoulder. They face outwards with their back toward the church and have circled the entire church.


I am now sitting on the back far right side of the church again. The pastor finishes his prayer, stands up and returns to the pulpit. The church now has a quiet and reverent atmosphere. He then starts his sermon over again and begins by saying, “Today’s talk is entitled, ‘The Creeping Compromise.’ ”