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July 3, 2007
by Ernie Knoll

In my dream, I am standing in a very large room. I am there as an observer. It is as if no one sees me or knows I am there, but I can see and hear everything that takes place. I see an assembled group of men sitting at a table. They are dressed in olden time Bible clothes. Behind the men is a scroll attached to the wall which reads, “THE GREAT EDUCATORS.” I turn to the left and see a man walk in and approach them.


The man explains that God told him to build an ark. He said he was given the dimensions as well as specific instructions on how to build it. The men turn to each other and discuss the matter. Then one of them says, “No, Noah, we need to think, pray, and evaluate this discussion you say you had with God. We need to wait and see. We should not rush into these things. We must make sure that was not Satan talking to you.”


I watch as Noah comes in over and over and over again. He goes before the men to say that God repeatedly told him that it is imperative that he build an ark. The “Great Educators” are insistent that a message like this should not be rushed into but that sometimes it takes many years to understand. They state that one has to contemplate through thorough prayer as to the validity of these talks he says he has with God. They continue to question if that was Satan talking to him.


This same situation continues for 120 years. Finally Noah comes in and explains that God said He plans to cause a great rain to fall which will flood the earth. The men exclaim, “Rain! It has never rained. This sounds like Satan is confusing you.” Another says, “Noah, you need to stop this or you and your family will all be lost.”


Then I hear a voice, as if it is a moderator, saying, “Then it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. On the 46th day God reached down into the mud and said, ‘Let us remake man in our image.’”

[This dream is not showing what happened but what could have happened if Noah had listened to the Great Educators (man’s opinion) instead of to God. He and his family would have been lost and God would have had to create man all over again.]